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In addition to the regular consultancy services our Special Studies Group can cover a client’ needs and authorities’ requirements comprehensively in Sustainability, Traffic Impact, Fire and Life Safety, Security, Acoustics, AV and IT, Vertical Transportation, Energy Management, Materials and Waste Management, Hydrogeological Studies and Forensic Engineering.


Sustainable design is seen as the key to future growth and progress on this planet and German Gulf is deeply committed to contributing to sustainability at every level of its activities.  We can offer the best advice on planning sustainable developments ranging from individual buildings to large regeneration schemes with integrated strategies.


German Gulf Engineering Consultants has experienced staff to prepare applications to ensure full compliance with Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council regulations and guidelines and facilitate approval of concept and detailed design by the Council.


In safety and security our consultants are conversant with strategic management of safety and are competent to develop safety and security plans to meet all necessary requirements and parameters.  Primary services in this area are related to threat identification, physical security, technical security and network integration for susceptibility and risk assessment for enabling risk solutions.


The complex requirements for acoustic planning, noise and vibration and building services acoustics can be developed with the most practical, sustainable design covering the widest sectors from real estate to aviation and leisure.


AV services cover AV infrastructure, space allocation and equipment specification, PA systems, conference and function venues and smart classrooms.

IT services include designing communication systems, active and passive networks, coordination with MEP for power, cooling and containment, network design and communication strategies.


Not only for statutory fire code requirements, but we also have the expertise in Fire Engineering acknowledged as the singular means to develop a safe and efficient fire strategy for large building blocks and highly complex structure.  Special services are available in:

  • Building design
  • Fire risk assessment support
  • Fire code development support
  • Advisory services for rail, tunnel and marine sectors
  • Support for nuclear and petroleum sectors
  • Condition survey and support to insurance industry


This is another area where German Gulf expertise can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to project needs.  We cover all realms such as identification of needs, methodology, data collection and analysis, simulation, control and safety, parking and all other traffic related aspects.


Essential for functionality and business flow covering all aspects of vertical, horizontal and inclined transport systems for all kinds of mobility needs.


Services to improve energy efficiency, minimize energy consumption and costs, control emission levels and fully comply with legal guidelines and stipulations.


Materials handling is essential to many businesses from industrial to healthcare and efficient logistics and space planning are required.  Waste management and disposal, dealing with current and future concerns about elimination of waste at source, waste reuse, higher recovery and recycling rates, mitigation of hazardous waste and better compliance with legal disposal obligations are all part of our capability.

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